Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Anarchist Voices Video Project

I was sent this email by our UK comrade, Jonathan.

Hi all!
This may be of interest. http://anarchistvoi ces.wetpaint. com/ There
are 4 of my videos at present plus a documentary on @ in America. I am
eager to add similar videos if people are able to make them and upload
them to YouTube and give me the URL
best wishes, Jonathan

I should add that he is interested in 5 to 10 minute videos on practical matters, not ideological rants or propaganda.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Utah Phillips

I am sad to say that the Utah Phillips, the great IWW bard
is no longer with us. Fortunately, I saw him perform at the
Vancouver Folk Festival in '06. He had the people entranced,
especially the younger set. I remember walking to the next
event and a young guy behind me was telling his girlfriend,
"You shoulda been there. There was this old guy who sounded
like Johhny Cash and had real radical songs." For a fine eulogy,


Monday, May 19, 2008

Confirmed, Chilean Hamlet 14,000 Years Old

The long-held dogma that the Americas were not populated
until 12,000 years ago has been dealt a death blow by the
latest findings at Monte Verde in Southern Chile.
The site has been settled for 14,000 years and it is a
collection of about 6 or so huts, making it the oldest village
in the Americas. Monte Verde was first excavated in 1976
but the US archeology establishment refused to believe that
the site was as old as it seems. The latest evidence consists
of packets of seaweed that the people ate which
were C14 dated. See article;


Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Movement of Occupied Factories In Brazil

Not only is there a factory occupation/workers self-management movement in Argentina, but one also exists in Brazil. Here is the story of one such factory, occupied and run by its workers for the last five years, and now facing police oppression. See:

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Results of Authoritarian Parenting

From "For Whom He Wore Black", an excellent article
in the May issue of THE REPUBLIC

In The Politics of Denial, (MIT Press, 1996), political
psychologists Michael Milburn and Sheree Conrad write that
while punitive parenting elicits immediate obedience, it tends
to worsen children’s behaviour over time. Children subjected
to it are at greater risk in later life of suicidal thoughts,
depression, drug addiction, and health problems, and of being
abusive towards their spouses and their own children.
They’re also more likely to display aggressive behaviour, and
to both tolerate violence and approve of its use. Punitive
parenting impairs creativity and problem-solving, and can lead
to lifelong anxiety and anger issues. The more punitive the
parenting, the worse the risks become

For the complete article see:


Anarchist May Day Photos

Barcelona Anarchists

Madrid Anarchists

Edmonton Anarchists
A series of photos taken in Europe and North America of the
May Day celebration see:
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