Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Michel Chartrand 1916-2010

Michel Chartrand is no longer with us. He died this Monday at the age of 93. Long-time labour militant and member of the CSN, Chartrand was one of the union leaders arrested in 1972 which inspired the General Strike of that year. I remember when he spoke to a packed crowd of about 1200 in Vancouver, must have been shortly after the Quebec General Strike and he said that he was an anarchist. Now, I don't know if he really was or not, but that got a lot of cheers and true enough, at that time, the CSN was promoting workers control. He will be missed! Thanks to Dawg's Blog for making me aware of Chartrand's death.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

15,000 Demonstrate Against Neo-liberalism in Montreal

Ninety five different popular organizations comprising some 15,000 people demonstrated April 1 against the Charest Government's neo-liberal budget. For pictures see
Thanks to the UCL -

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