Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca-Ricardo Flores Magón

Here is an interesting article on an anarchist movement based upon indigenous communities in Oaxaca (1) 

1. CIPO-RFM is a member of International Libertarian Solidarity. See

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wasted Money

Thanks to Molly's Blog  for this info.

Crumbs From The Table of Advertising
(or why you don't want "more gruel please")
A few little factoids:
A. The Trinity. The top three advertisers by
expenditures in the world are 1)Proctor and
Gamble ($7.922 billion), General Motors
($3.918 billion) and Unilever ($3.462 billion).
The list goes on and on through the billions
through to item # 20, GlaxoSmithKline at a
mere $1.303 billion. The additive expenditure
of the top 20 advertisers in the world as of
2004 is $$47.57 billion. This has to be listed
as "found money" in Mollymew's little quest
to eliminate world poverty. Not that it will do
everything, but it will go a good way of the
distance. I expect my Nobel Peace Prize at the
earliest convenience of the Swedish Parliament.
B. The Greatest Sinners. The top advertisers by
country are the USA ($141.0 billion), Japan
($38.0 billion), the UK ($18.4 billion), Germany
($18.3 billion) and France ($11.1 billion). All told
the top national advertising spenders in the top 10
countries spent $270.4 billion in 2004. Once more
"found money" that goes much further towards
establishing economic justice in the world than
even the corporate picture does.
Many sources are available as to the fraction
of this expenditure that would provide for many
of the world's needs today. Anyways, if you want
to punch out a little at the advertisers or learn
more look to the following:

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Swedish Anarchist Video

2000 Swedish anarcho-syndicalists belonging to the syndicalist SAC demonstrated yesterday in Stockholm to drum up support for a general strike against the new right-wing government's anti-worker policies. Demonstrations took place in about 20 other cities as well. See Youtube video

Source- A-infos 

Operations Gladio And Northwoods

Many people are now aware of the links between
sections of the US government and organized crime,
especially since the Iran Contra episode. Anyone
who reads a history of the CIA or the American
missile program also knows that hundreds of Nazis
were recruited to work for US government agencies.
US involvement in”false flag” operations, COINTELPRO,
and the subversion and overthrow of foreign
governments are not exactly state secrets.
But this list of crimes is not half of it. To get a full
taste of the US government's fascist-criminal-terrorist
alliance one must turn to “Operation Gladio.”
was set up by the OSS, predecessor of the CIA after
WW2, as the US feared the possibility of a
Communist-Socialist government in Italy. Gladio
continued to operate all through the '50s, '60s and
'70's and was responsible for most of the spectacular
terrorist attacks in Italy, such as the Milan's Piazza
Fontana bombing (18 dead) and the Bologna Train
Station bombing (12 dead) . As
Operation GLADIO:
The secret U.S. war to subvert Italian democracy
by Arthur E. Rowse, states
Among other things, the U.S. government: forged secret
alliances with the Mafia and right-wing elements of
the Vatican to prevent the left from playing any role
in government; recruited Mussolini's ex-police into
paramilitary bands secretly financed and trained
by the CIA, ostensibly to fight Soviets, but
really to conduct terror attacks blamed on the left;
Employed the gamut of psychological warfare
tactics, including paying millions in slush funds
to political parties, journalists, and other
influential contacts to tilt parliamentary
elections against the left; Created a secret
service and a parallel government structure
linked to the CIA whose ``assets'' attempted
several times to overthrow the elected government;
and targeted Prime Minister Aldo Moro, who was
later kidnapped and murdered under mysterious
circumstances after offering to bring communists
into the Cabinet
For the rest of the Gladio story, see .
If Italy's Gladio wasn't enough, it appears there were
similar organizations in other countries.
For other articles on Gladio,4273,4158945,00.html

Operation Northwoods
While Gladio shows the length to which the US government
would go in subverting foreign governments and carrying out
terrorist attacks, Northwoods indicates the level to which
they would go on their own soil. Northwoods, was, according
to the Wikipedia article (1) was a 1962 plan to generate
U.S. public support for military action against the
Cuban part of the U.S. government's
Operation Mongoose anti-Castro initiative.
The plan, which was not implemented, called for
false flag actions, including simulated or real
state-sponsored acts of terrorism (such as hijacked planes)
on U.S. and Cuban soil. The plan was proposed by
U.S. Department of Defense leaders, including the
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lyman Louis Lemnitzer.
Suggested actions included, sinking an American ship,
destroy American aircraft, sink a boat load of Cubans.

The related
Operation Mongoose had as possible tactics
attacks on Trinidad and Jamaica by phony Cuban forces,
and (bribing) one of Castro's subordinate commanders
to initiate an attack on [the US Naval base at] Guantanamo.

And media pundits wonder why so many people are
suspicious of the orthodox versions of what happened
on 911. Who is being naive here?

See also

Friday, November 17, 2006

Uncle Milty, Pseudo-libertarian Extraordinaire

Milton Friedman, the most well known of the pseudo-libertarians, is no more. I am not sorry. For a first rate article on his activities as point man for US imperialism, destroyer of working class living standards and friend of strong centralized government (not to mention dictators) see

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Rise of a Libertarian Student Movement

Students in Chile, Quebec and the USA are organizing anarchist or libertarian socialist federations.

* In Chile, the Frente de Estudiantes Libertarios (FEL) has groups in five major cities. As well as active in the recent student general strike, they have produced some remarkable wall art (see their other website,

check out “fotos” ) They also do support work for the Oaxacan struggle. The student strike and the formation of FEL tend to indicate that the social struggle is heating up again in Chile.

* SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) re-formed in January of this year and now has about 200 chapters, making it the largest student radical movement in the US. While not ideologically anarchist, SDS rejects top-down methods and statist politics, favoring student syndicalism. Many of its members are openly anarchists and libertarian socialists. A non-student group called MDS has also been formed as a sister organization, See:

* SCAN (the Student Community Anarchist Network ) (RAME in French) see

grew out of the 2005 Quebec Student Strike and the collapse of CLAC. (1) It has groups or members in CEGEP's (Community colleges) de Maisonneuve, Sherbrooke, Gérald-Godin, St-Laurent, Vieux Montréal, École des métiers de la construction de Montréal, as well as the three universities UQAM, McGill and Université de Montréal. For more information see: and

1. the "Anti-Capitalist Convergence" Group

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Money As Debt.

The best explanation of the banking scam I have ever seen has just been produced as a DVD. (1) It is called “Money As Debt.” and is in the form of an animated cartoon. Noted BC folk musician Bob Bossin does the voice over. Most people think that when a bank loans you money they take it from the bank deposits. Not so. Money As Debt shows how the banks create money out of nothing and then charge us interest for it. The DVD also shows how government debt is created and how the growing pile of personal and governmental debt is unsustainable, both financially and ecologically. You can purchase Money As Debt for $26.95 CAD from

See my

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Oaxaca Video

Check out this video on the events in Oaxaca and the global response. See:

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

And Where Is Oaxaca?

Is it me, or has there been a paucity of articles in the mass media on the recent events in Oaxaca? When the story does appear, they tend to “cheer lead the massacre” (1) But I suppose that is to be expected, give what the mass media's real task is in life. I suppose it is also understandable that they would also try to bury this story. The rest of North America is plagued by authoritarian, corrupt governments, peoples needs and wishes are ignored and Aboriginal rights are swept under the carpet. But the people of Oaxaca decided to do something about it – even though they faced death squads, something we don't have to fear...yet. What they did would be a good lesson for the rest of us. What did they do? A general strike of the teachers and allied workers, followed by occupation of the city, take-over of the radio and TV, and then the formation of a parallel government based upon direct (i.e. real) democracy and decentralization. There is a racial element to this too. The communards are mostly “the color of the earth” (i.e. Aboriginal) and the reactionaries are mostly white skinned. Ooo! Definitely, the media bosses don't want us Kay-nuks hearing about this. Imagine if the BC Almost General Strikes of 1983 and 2005 had done something like that... Nor do they want “our” First Nations People getting too chummy with their Oaxacan brothers and sisters. For an insight into the Oaxacan situation, the Narco News and A-Infos can't be beat. See and


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