Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On The United Front - Mariategui

The united front does not annul the personality. It does not signify confusing or amalgamating all the doctrines into a single doctrine. It is a contingent, concrete practical action... [and] only considers the immediate reality outside of any abstraction and any utopia... everyone should keep his own affiliation and his own ideology... But all should feel united by class solidarity... the struggle against the common adversary, tied by the same revolutionary will and the same renovating passion... The variety of tendencies and precise defined groups is not something bad, on the contrary, it is the sign of an advanced period in the revolutionary process. What is important is that these groups know how to understand each other before the concrete reality of the day. They are not mired in byzantine reciprocal confessions and excommunications... They do not use their weapons or squander their time in wounding one and other, but rather combat the social order, its institutions, its injustices and its crimes.

It is up to us... to be the cause of class consciousness. This task belongs equally to socialists, syndicalists/trade unions, to communists and anarchists...

Jose Carlos Mariategui

From "May Day and the United Front" in Jose Carlos Mariategui - an Anthology - eds Harry E. Vanden, Marc Becker, MR Press 2011

Mariategui was the founder of the Peruvian Communist Party, was very much influenced by anarchism and syndicalism. His writings were an influence on Che Guevara. (See Motorcycle Diaries )

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