Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Nanaimo

Occupy Nanaimo was a total success, as far as I could see. About 400 people came out, which is about double the number we usually get. Keep in mind this is not a big city. There was an opportunity for anyone who wished to speak to do so and many did. Everyone spoke well and informatively. We had several people from the Labour Movement, a First Nations woman,, several city council candidate our MLA Leonard Krog as well as many others. But the best speech of al, in my opinion was given by Illan of the Thirsty Camel Resto who laid out a fine critique of capitalism and the whole cult of growth. The weather was perfect, everyone was in a great mood. There were lots of imaginative signs, music and a choir. Afterward there was a march through town.

I will update if necessary.


Blogger Jemmy Hope said...

Hope you don't mind, Larry, I copied the 'don't need sex' photo to my blog (with attribution). If you object I'll remove it.

7:03 AM  
Blogger Larry Gambone said...

Go for it, Jemmy!

8:05 AM  
Blogger Jemmy Hope said...


11:38 AM  
Anonymous Kim Goldberg said...

Hi Larry! Nice blog post and photos. Hope you will post some updates. I have been blogging daily about Occupy Nanaimo at , but won't always be able to keep that up. Good to have multiple sources of info about it in cyberspace. See ya 'round! :)

3:39 AM  

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