Monday, November 21, 2011

Report from Occupy Nelson

Having spoken with the camping protesters in front of
city hall last night,they told me the city has ordered them
to strike down their tipi tentunder the claim it is a fire
hazard. They have until 6pm tonight to do so,
right when most of Nelson is eating supper and/or
going to vote in ourcivic election.

I spoke with one young fellow who is part native who
says he will do his utmost to not allow the tipi to be
taken down. We live in a place that
continues to deny the Sinixt Nation full Indian Status.

I say all power to these folks who are standing up
for us at city hall.They need our continued support.

Many people think The Occupy Movement is a diffuse
unorganized effort.It is crystal clear to me that the
corporate state collusion in this country
has undermined our Canadian Charter of Rights and
Freedoms as well asUnited Nations Charters. The
corporate state collusion has grown to such
a point as to become an oligarchic kleptocracy.
They have made the ordinary citizen's methods of
referendum, petitioning and voting useless
tools against the rising tides of problems associated
with corporatehegemony which obviously include:
environmental genocide, wars, poverty and racist tactics
against First Nations.The citizenry has little
options left to affect change but civil disobedience
and direct action.

The protesters worldwide are amazingly organized.
In fact, when has any worldwide event occurred with
so many countries involved for this
long? No sporting event, no Olympic hoorah has
captured the involvementof so many nations for
this amount of time. Who could organize such
a thing? Collective effort can do so, has done so,
and will continue to do so.

The demands are obvious. Change the laws for
equitable economic, environmental, voting, and
judiciary practices. Of course, these things are
difficult for a nation to evolve into and will be a
hard war to fight. However, the people have won
round one and have a lot of fight left in them.

Josh Wapp (Clenched fist in the air!)


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