Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Israeli Anti-War Marches

The following report from Israeli Anarchists on a second Tel-Aviv march:

The Call:
Women against the War -- A Women's Demonstration (dressed in black) Stop the War! Stop the occupation! Stop killing civilians! Negotiate now! Exchange prisoners! The march will start at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv on Saturday 29 July at 18:30 and reach Maxim Square at Ben Zion Blvd.

Groups Involved:

Women against the War – Coalition of Women for Peace, Ahoti, Aswat, Bat Shalom,Women in Black, FORA, TANDI, Women against Violence, Altafula, New Profile, TheFifth Mother, WILPF, NELED, Beit Nashim Feministi, Ittihad El-Maraa El-Takdumi, Kian Feminist Organization, Women’s Council-Kufar Kar’a

The Demonstration:
In a corner of the municipal square, women and men in black from all over the
country converged. A contingent of anarchists - previously met for preparations at the anarchist bookstore Salon Mazal arrived as a block - with pink ribbons to make us more visible in a black clad mass of people. We held up our flags and banners chanted and made our noise rhythm "orchestra" in a short march across the huge square to were the people were converging.

After a while, the demonstration started with about 1,500 people chanting, holding banners and placards and flags marched along the Khen and Ben Zion boulevards.

Among the marchers the anarchist bloc was a lively part, with about 100 people
stopping from time to time (mainly in intersection) to dance and chant.

Time and again, the nervous police officers prodded us to shorten the ritual
and continue marching, but no one arrested.

After reaching the end of the route, a few women activists gave speeches
and then the demo was declared as ended.


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