Saturday, July 22, 2006

Anti-War Protests In Isreal

Several thousand people of the coalition against the war from all over
the country converged in the municipal square, Saturday evening.
People carried flags, banners, and placards. Leaflets were distributed
including three picture placards distributed by anarchists. In
one picture is the young girls writing "addresses" on canon shells to be
soon fired; the second of a heavy cannon firing and such shells near it;
the third was of two children killed by such cannon shells. An organized
contingent of anarchists arrived with black flags, flags with the big
anarchist A, banners, and placards. After a while, there started a march
towards the Sinematec - clogging the main street. Along the march slogans
were chanted. The two hundred anarchists were very lively: chanted,
sung, danced, run from time to time, and made a lot of rhythmic noise.

At the end of the march the Sinematec square was too small for the big
crowd. During the speeches people started to disperse.


(This has been edited)


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