Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Money Cultures Imbecile Apprentices (1)

Dr. Luciana Bohne is a professor of Literature and Cinema at a university in Pennsylvania. She is totally shocked by the ignorance of her students and wonders why basic knowledge of geography, history, philosophy, are “totally lacking from their studies”. One of her students claims that “she never reads” - this from someone taking a literature course. The students don't know how to write an essay, so Dr. Bohne has to teach them that. The first book on the course list is Isabelle Allende's “Love and Shadows”, for those of you unfamiliar with this novel it is set during the Pinochet coup. No one in the class knew where Chile was, so she had to photocopy information for them. No one had any idea what socialism and fascism are and she had to spend valuable time teaching them this. Not one student was familiar with Plato's “Myth of the Cave” a metaphor necessary to understand the novel. More time wasted. No one had heard of the Sept. 11 1973 Coup and were viably shocked when Dr. Bohne handed out photocopies of declassified CIA documents showing US involvement.

Dr. Bohne feels that “ serious education is impossible in the US” and the reason for that is that “knowledge is an enemy of the profit system”. The “only education allowed is that which reinforces the status quo” and the total lack of education is “planned and deliberate.” This massive ignorance, is “the reason why the mass media is so successful with its lies.” She feels that the destruction of education in the US is a form of “cultural fascism” and compares what has happened there to Pinochet's wrecking of the Chilean universities.

I have often wondered why the neocons we get in on-line discussion groups are so profoundly ignorant. Now I know why. They lack any form of basic education, and thus are patsies for the corporate state's propaganda. Guess I should stop getting angry them and see them for what they really are, pathetic victims of a cruel system.

1. Originally titled, “L’apprentissage de l’imbécilité dans la culture de l’argent “ and can be found at:


Blogger Werner said...

In the USA approximately 45 percent of the population accepts creationism [at least that's what I have heard.] Functional illiteracy is becoming a problem in many parts of the western world. Here in Canada about 20% of the population has trouble filling out an application for unemployment insurance. This is partly related to the anti-intellectualism that has always existed especially here in the prairies. Its just gotten worse in the last thirty years.

8:15 PM  
Blogger Pat Murtagh said...

The incredible ignorance reflected in what the professor saw is mirrored by innumerable commentators. See the "final page" of the latest Time Magazine for leftist Barbara Ehrenreich's take on this. I doubt,however, that the "result" is the work of any deliberate conspiracy or even anything remotely approaching such.
The result is the consequence of an perverted attempt by liberal/leftist educators to apply theories of "libertarian education" in the absense of any idea of the REAL libertarian tradition that was FAR from relativist. It is also the result of a conquest of the educational system by one class that teachers may be said to belong to, the class that excercises social control as their working function. In such a situation "attitude", as Ehrenreich points out, is far more important than knowledge. This is the culmination of "repressive tolerance" that makes the term described by marcuse seem very primitive by comparison

9:04 PM  

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