Wednesday, June 01, 2005


In 1960, the UK national debt was £26 billion; by 1980 it had risen to £90 billion. The national debt in 1998 stood at nearly £380 billion…. In America, the national debt in 1960 stood at $240 billion; in 1980 at 908 billion, by 1997 it had reached the level of $5 trillion! *

Let’s see now. When the wicked overspending “liberals” were in the saddle (1960-80) the respective govt. debts in the UK and USA rose 346 and 445%. When the anti-government, balanced budget “conservatives” were in power (1980-98) the government debt rose respectively 422 and 550% And they wonder why we hate them…

(*) Figures according to
Micheal Rowbotham and the Universal Almanac 1992


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