Monday, May 30, 2005


As you all know, the French voted against the EU Constitution by a significant margin. Trade unions and other popular movements campaigned hard against a yes vote and were pleased to succeed. With the presumed rejection by Dutch voters in a couple of days, the Constitution should be a dead fish. Contrary to the pimp media, which is whining about “the selfish French”, what angered the left is not the European Federation, but the reactionary neoconservative economics smuggled into the Constitution. The French do not wish to have their living standards further destroyed and the EU turned into a carbon copy of the USA.

A little background on this. Not content with having the UK as its Trojan horse, US imperialism cultivated gangster capitalism in the ex- Eastern Block countries. Rather than converting Stalinist state capitalism into social democracy as many Europeans wished, the US imposed its “crash course” in so-called free markets which enabled some former apparachiks to grab huge chunks state of state property converting themselves into a particularly nasty breed of capitalist. Eastern European countries ruled by such capitalists promote neoconservative economics as well as pandering to the US attack on Iraq.

The idea was to lower the EU to the level of Eastern Europe, thereby shifting much German, Italian and French investments East and fattening the pockets of both the local greed creeps, as well as enriching the Western capitalists with cheap-labor and poor working standards. Now that the French (And soon the Dutch) have rejected this pig in a poke, this scam seems a lot less likely to be pulled off.

Hopefully the victory of the popular movements will encourage further revolt, both in France and in the rest of Europe. The Europeans need a “hot summer.”


Blogger Kevin Carson said...

This is certainly a victory for the people living in EU countries.

Unfortunately, as someone living in the U.S., I have a conflict of interest. Anything that tends to create one or more regional power blocks as counterweights to the U.S. is a good thing, from the POV of anyone afraid of the Bush cabal's designs on the world.

As thuggish as Putin is, for example, I welcome his attempts to restore Russia as the center of a Eurasian power bloc and build close ties with the EU, India, and/or China. For those actually living under Communism, the fall of the USSR was a good thing on balance (although security and the standard of living has certainly suffered for many under the present mafia capitalism). But for everyone outside the Soviet bloc, a unipolar world with neocons at the helm of the "sole remaining superpower" is much less safe.

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