Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Suppose you make a CD and sell twenty million copies -you would immediately be elevated to superstardom. Your face would be on every mag and you would join an elite club of celebs. Teenagers would emulate you. It would seem that consumer democracy was operating. The consumers "voted" by buying your product. But there is nothing democratic at all about this. There are probably 200 million potential CD buyers - your sales only represent 10% of the total possible sales. For all you know the other 90% might hate you and your music. Yet you are projected upon the world as though you had universal adoration.

The idea of "consumer democracy" is a fraud. The majority is not heard from. A minority of the public fosters its wants and desires upon us. They are able to do this because of the vast weight of millions of customers, even though these customers represent a minority of the total. Corporations deliberately create these compact minorities through adverstising. They prey upon the most seceptable or naive sectors of the population. Children, teenagers, the neurotic, the less educated, the less intelligent, are all there for corporate exploitation.

Thus, we are innundated with products, attitudes and services the majority of us don't really want like MacDonalds, gangsta rap, Walmarts, 12 yearolds dressing as whores, monster houses, the Olsen twins, etc.

The corporate apologists claim that choice exists among different products and that if the desire for a product arises, the market will fill this. But this is not the case if all companies act together and deliberately exclude different products. For example, planned obsolescence. There must be millions of people out there who would prefer this not exist, yet where is to company bragging that its products last a lifetime? How is it that all car companies abolished bumpers at the same time? Where is the car that has bumpers?


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