Tuesday, April 26, 2005


World class crackpot David Icke thinks we are ruled by a reptilian race from another solar system. Laugh all you want, but mixed in the lunacy lies a litle shard of truth. There is a portion of the human brain which functions entirely on raw instinct and is devoid of higher functions such as sympathy, empathy, love, and compassion. This portion of the brain is commonly called "the reptile brain" and is in both structure and function very much like the grey matter of crocodiles and lizards.

Dr. Paul MacLean, Chief of Brain Evolution and Behavior at the National Institute of Health, discovered that we have three brains within one. These are:

1. Brain stem - archiopallium, (reptile brain)
2. limbic system - site of emotions or paleopallium (mammal brain)
3. neocortex or neopallium (rational or human brain)

It was once believed that the rational brain or neocortex controlled the two lower brains. But Dr. MacLean showed the lower brain can take over and control the higher brain. The brain stem or archiopallium has a similar shape, function and traits as those of reptiles, hence the term “reptilian brain”. It is a purely instinctual brain concerned with survival and reproduction. Driven by fear the reptile brain becomes dominant when one feels endangered. Reptile brain traits include: Obsession with control and domination, treating others as objects to be used, paranoia, suspicion, aggressiveness , territoriality, greed, conformity, deception, repetition of the same patterns and never learning from error.

Empathy, live and let live, sharing, reciprocity, the imaginativeness, these are the traits that made us human, reinforce and further our humanity. The opposite of these traits tends to undermine our humanity and cause social retrogression.I suggest authoritarians tend to use more of the reptile brain than more libertarian-oriented people. As society engages in de-evolution, - due to the domination of authoritarian beliefs and practices - the use of the reptile portion becomes more evident. Psychopaths are the fullest example of the human reptile.

The film "The Corporation" suggests that corporations lack of empathy, greediness and lust for control msakes them act like psychopaths. Take this one step further. The people in control of these corporations are aware of what they are doing, accept, and indeed revel in it. If the corporation is a psychopath, so also the corporation's bosses. One would have, in all fairness, to extend this analogy to all areas of society where the abuse of authority is not unusual, such as politicians and bureaucrats.

Thus, in one sense, reptiles rule.


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cows and lizards are my too favorite

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