Friday, June 13, 2008

Canada Confesses To Part of Its Crimes Against First Nations People



Our people were kidnapped and held hostage for three to four generations. Genocide is taking children away and killing them. It was only a small part of a bigger story of “gangsterism” and greed. Don’t be fooled! That evil program is still in full swing. Canada has no intention to stop. They continue to drive us off our land, to criminalize us, incarcerate us and to refuse to return control of our land and resources to us.

We don’t like being lied to. Saying “sorry” doesn’t cut it. Canada practically admitted to “murder” and theft in the first degree. While Prime Minister Harper was reciting his apology in the House of Commons, a permanent injunction was being granted to the city of Brantford to stop us from going onto our own lands to stop illegal development and to bring in the army if necessary. What forked-tongued two-faced hypocrisy! Anywhere else in the world when a people are threatened with military force, it is a “declaration of war”.

Every Canadian benefited from these crimes against humanity. They came her from Europe with empty hands. Stephen Harper said, “We are planning to move on”. This means that the perpetrators of these heinous crime have to be prosecuted in the international courts. More important, Canada is bound to the original relationship as “visitors” to our land who made promises to live peacefully under the Two Row Wampum Agreement. We are the land and resources owners and they have to negotiate with us to extend their stay.

Our future is tied to the Kaianereh’ko:wa, the law of Onowaregeh, Turtle Island. We cannot “bury the hatchet”! Planned murders of our children by the church and state cannot be pardoned anywhere. Canada broke international law to which they are bound.

At this moment illegal deals are being made by the government and its puppet band councils to deceive the people. Fraud and corruption is used to privatize under NAFTA every unsurrendered river and stream in British Columbia to send our water to California.

Is this desperation because Canada and the U.S. or someone is trying to keep the colonial scam going? Canada absolved the churches of responsibilities. The program to murder school children and to put them in unmarked graves was not random. All the churches , Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and United, stepped up to the plate to do dirty deeds for the state. It was part of the “pogram” to remove us completely to claim Onowaregeh, Turtle Island. What kind of special education does it take to forget that it’s wrong to kill kids?

Harper admitted they did not know our culture, our traditions and did not respect our basic human rights. They still don’t. Now that they have clearly admitted to being “busted”, shouldn’t the genocide stop?

The colonizers must respect our sovereignty, identity and culture. To start, they must stop all uranium and diamond mining, clear cutting and contamination of our environment. Stop trying to put us away in jails and holding cells to punish us for protecting the environment. Every single piece of Turtle Island, our resources and possessions must be returned to us so we can regnerate the natural beauty and health of Turtle Island.

Nothing is going to change if they can help it. To stop racism and lies the true history has to be taught in every school. Our education and language programs have to be improved. Clean water and decent homes have to be provided to all of us. All the elements that work together to demoralize our young people and incite them to commit suicides have to be stopped.

Canada is going to put up a monument as a symbol of this apology. Take down those hideous monuments to the true murderers of our people like Champlain, Humphrey Gilbert, Laverendrye, DeDenonville, Amherst and other scoundrels. Towns are still named after these mass murderers. Get rid of that depiction of the tied up Indian in bondage on the Clock Tower of the Parliament Buildings. We cannot rebuild our nations on monuments or empty words. Real reconciliation means restoring the traditional homelands and resources of the various Indigenous people who have been dispossessed. Anything less is a farce.

Canada stage managed this performance. It was sickening to see colonial lap dog Phil Fontaine of the Assembly of First Nations accept Harper’s apology on our behalf. It was a pre-written script probably by government spinners. We were never asked if we wanted him to accept this apology or to even accept it. The supporting remarks were made by the heads of colonially funded “puppy dog” organizations that jump to their “master’s” commands.

The money being offered to some of the victims is our own money. Any profit from our lands held in trust is “blood money”. We want an economy. Stop depriving us and forcing us out of our communities. Release all our trust funds immediately. Everything that was “kicked back” to the Vatican must be returned to us. These churches that committed these atrocities have investments from our lands worth billions and have declared stock portfolios well over $100 million. Release these to us. Give us our funds that the Canadian government holds as “trust funds”, namely the “Indian Fund”, the “Consolidated Revenue Fund” and the “Contingent Liability Fund”.

All levels of government should stop issuing illegal permits for exploitation of our lands and resources. Stop using our land and resources as collateral to borrow on international money markets.

The Queen and all the other “carpet baggers” who head the corporate criminal organizations that murder, rape and pillage us and our possessions should now be prosecuted in the international court for their crimes.

Our parents were threatened with imprisonment if they did not release their children to the control of the church and state. How long does it take to forget what our children saw – other children being murdered and even being forced to help bury them. They were deliberately given contagious diseases from which many died. There was out-and-out murder of over 50,000 at the hands of teachers, priests, nuns and staff. Our children were used in experiments by German doctors in the 1930’s and then disposed of. The children were threatened to never tell anyone about it.

It was the “I Apologize” Show, with Phil in a war bonnet, with smudging, all players with their scripts in hand and an audience seated strategically around. Someone on cue even yelled from the House of Commons gallery, “Way to go, Phil. You are our leader”. This government sanctioned desperado is not our leader! The sanitized plot did not include murder, torture, sterilization, kids witnessing killings and medical experiments on them.

You, the abusers, are in dire need of healing. In Australia the prime minister apologized to the Aborigines and they now live under a form of ‘martial law’! What will happen now when the army is brought in on us as happened in 1990?

Kahentinetha Horn

MNN Mohawk Nation News


Blogger Werner said...

You have to hand it to that prick Harper for knowing how to put on a good show. I didn't see or read much of this "apology" yet so I'll accept what I have heard that it was a "smooth" job. Maybe that's a good thing but I'll probably run into it eventually. Meanwhile what I do hear from the average asshole in the street is the usual junk about "Indians" getting "handouts" and all that stuff. Cranking up the hostility between working class and poor whites against natives will probably help the neocons at least for a while.

4:16 AM  
Blogger Frank Partisan said...

There seems to be a revival of tribal militantcy in Canada.

2:33 PM  
Blogger Crooked said...

This sort of violent oppression is always glossed over in high school history classes. Americans and citizens of other nations that have brutally oppressed the indigenous populations need to own up to what they have done, not by a simple apology but by incorporating these neglected pieces of history into education curriculum and a change of policy that makes real efforts towards reparations. Perhaps in the US such education/dialog would wake people up to the true historical nature of the US government and we wouldn’t allow a government that invades other nations. The past can not be changed but we can work on building a better future.

Larry, I wrote an article on my blog that somewhat relates, at least to the mentality used to justify such acts. I would like your constructive feedback if you have time.

Barack Obama, Latin America and the "White Man’s Burden"

9:42 PM  
Blogger Graeme said...

As long as violence goes up the hierarchy, it is perfectly acceptable.

10:31 AM  

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