Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Little Stevie Gets His War

Well, the Harpie got his war. How the little fellow cried when that Big Meanie Jean Cretien wouldn’t play with the Emperor George in Eye-raq. So much better now. Funny how these right-wing authoritarian types love spending on war, always money for killing, never enough for people. Just goes to show the truth of Gambone’s Law, i.e. "When it’s something WE want, there is never enough money. When it’s something THEY want, the purse is open. When it’s something WE want, the government drags its feet for decades. When it’s something THEY want, it gets rammed thru in two hours."

At any rate, this adventure should prove interesting, even if costly in Canadian lives. But what an exercise in hypocrisy. If educating women and creating a modern society in Afghanistan is what we are supposedly after, why did the US arm the Mujahiddin, overthrowing the very forces trying to bring about those changes? Until the US intervened, it looked as though the Russians and their secular Afghan allies were winning. Thanks to the US, Osama Bin Ladin got his training. Remember him, the US-backed "freedom-fighter"? The Taliwackers seem to be reviving, an ominous note. But once again, the stench of hypocrisy. After all it was the great US ally, Pakistan that encouraged the Taliwackers in the first place. Then there is that lovely bumper crop of opium . Who is going to get the proceeds from that?


Blogger Patrick G said...

Gambone's Law. Hahaha! So funny. You mad eme laugh out loud in the internet cafe.


9:59 AM  

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