Saturday, September 22, 2012

Those Small Acts

Many revolutionaries look down their noses at the small steps we take to change our lives. These acts include growing our own food, buying locally, buying fair trade products, riding a bicycle instead of a car, etc. On their own, divorced from the greater liberatory movement, they would seem feeble, feel-good actions. However, few ever believed, say, growing your own food was The Revolution. Everyone I have ever met who engages in these small acts is also involved in the larger picture, those movements for peace, environmental sanity and liberty.

The small act links us to the liberated future, allows us, in a minor way, to live the life we wish to lead, only now. The little movements are also a transmission belt to the larger movements. You may start out only interested in growing organic food in your back yard, but if you take your little act seriously, inexorably you will be drawn to a criticism of the entire system. You will begin to ask why corporate agriculture uses pesticides and artificial fertilizers and why the state has encouraged these practices. You will begin to question a system that eliminates local farm land while importing vegetables from China. Encouraging the small act leads people toward the greater movement.
The criticism of small acts is a moralistic one, and not at all dialectical. It fails to see the holistic nature of the movements great and small, and it fails to see that a person's thoughts work as processes, that they are not static.


Blogger uniplmr1 said...

I think that life itself is a series of small acts that connect and stretch as far as you get to go. I used to believe I had to do something important, immense in scope , impossible to miss. Truly a rock in the foundation of the future sane and progressive existence one would begin after the enlightened path one would not be able to avoid or miss due to the knowledge of the truth they now had. Kind of like the Mona Lisa of revolutionary awakenings. So, then I grew up. Now my position is simple. I'm a committed Libertarian Socialist Marxist Anarchist with personal property. It's difficult to explain myself, so usually I don't. I'm a volunteer, a regular. I'm down and I'm ready. I don't like it but I'm pretty sure that Derek Jensen is right. The result is, I expect it all to go to hell and maybe something more civilized will emanate from the evolution of the next batch of mud scuppers that crawl up out of the next batch of primordial ooze.
What do we do now that no matter how much the scum are exposed for the crimes against the people they perpetrate, nothing happens to them. They just pay someone off and get right back to it. Publicly unashamed, proud, totally convinced of the rightness only they and their ilk understand. Amerika is currently unable to take care of itself. The notion of democracy leading the population up is now clearly bullshit , more and more people are falling off the pile. Pretty soon Americans are going to become refugees. God ain't coming over, either, so we're on our own. Milton Friedman may rise to guide all those left after the rapture gets all the goody two shoes the fuck out of the way. An American Mengele can hook up Milties brain to Dicks mechanical ticker and a good laptop and there we'd have it. Some general or lobbiest can carry the thing around and run the computer that spits out all the good ideas those two could still come up with. Man, I better go. Thanks for all the good posts.I've been reading you for a while but I don't think I ever talked to you.Wrote a comment I mean.

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