Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Chilean Earthquake and the Rightie Moonbats

Disasters like these seem to bring out all the haters and bigots. I got these choice comments (and this is only a small sample) from the CBC comments section, which supposedly has a more liberal audience. One can only wonder what is being emailed in the right wing media.

What is a 'Chilean-Canadian' and how do I sign up to receive benefits from two countries, but only pay taxes to one? I'm being ripped off.

Classic right winger, full of envy. God help anyone who gets a little more than they do, but billionaires, no problem!

I wonder if Hugo Chavez will help out his South American friends......ya, right.

Just can't let an event like this go by without slandering their favorite American propaganda created bete noir. (Who in fact is sending aid.)

* It's all because of Global warming!!!!!!We're all gonna DIE!!!!!! Al Gore and Suzuki better save us

* Global warming is causing this.

There were many like these. Infantile attempts at sarcasm as a way of denying global climate change.

I think your commie buddies take care of this one. The lefties has been pretty useless up to now....

Any stick with which to beat the left

And Canada won't care because Chile isn't French.

Why let an opportunity pass and not attack Quebec? Classic Anglo-Canadian anti-French racism.

Chile's government has expressed nothing but contempt for America, yet America is one of the first nations to offer aid.

Cow like ignorance combined with a boot-licking attitude toward the Empire.

* Another international tragedy so by protocol let's open the refugee floodgates to anyone and everyone across Chile. In fact lets pass out Canadian passports worldwide to citizens of the developing world just in case an event happens again

* Oh here we go "again" with the "Aid Agencies" milking our wallets, lathering on lots of "developed world" guilt to get us to support the victims of Chile "

* Okay Haiti, put your begging bowl away, it's Chile's turn.

Xenophobia combined with selfishness and a total lack of understanding of the nature and causes of underdevelopment.

For a comparison of the earthquakes in Chile and Haiti and some important information missing from the corporate media see this article by Jose Antonio Gutierrez D.


Blogger mollymew said...

I'm impressed. I could hardly imagine that an earthquake, of all things, could elicit comments such as these. Actually, the greatest psychological attitude I personally can glean from such things is the word "obcession". It actually takes some effort of imagination to link an earthquake in Chile with such things as David Suzuki, Canada's linguistic divide and Venezuela. Some can do it I guess.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Renegade Eye said...

I would hate to see the Haiti comments.

9:40 PM  
Blogger Larry Gambone said...

I couldn't bear to look at those! But I never expected the level of racism directed at Chileans. I guess one must never underestimate the ability to hate on the part of the reactionary element.

10:59 PM  
Blogger K. said...

The right has been in the habit of responding to catastrophes with snide remarks. It's tasteless, of course, and shows a frightful absence of compassion. It's a genuine puzzle to me as to why they think that makes for a better world.

11:02 PM  

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