Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Article - Principled Bakuninism.

I have a new article published on the Anarkismo site called "Principled Bakuninsm". It is based upon a recently published document written by a Mexican anarchist group and concerns the question of organization and leadership. See




Anonymous Anonymous said...

holla! te recomiendo conocer el web site de la Unión Popular Anarquista de Brasil y la revista Via Combativa en la qual analisa profundamente el Bakuninismo enquanto teoria revolucionaria para el proletariado.


2:00 AM  
Blogger Frank Partisan said...

That was interesting.

It's above what passes for anarchism, atleast here in Minneapolis except for a few people.

On Marxist.com there has been Marx's writing on the Bakunin split. We're are interested in it, not to disagree with anarchism, but for how disagreements are handled.

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Revolutionary Anarchist International Platform

The Anarchist Popular Union of Brazil, and the Revolutionary Anarchist Popular Organization from Mexico, presents the Revolutionary Anarchist International Platform, wich is an international call claiming for the union of the revolutionary anarchist of the world on the base of the Bakuninism.

We found in the ideology and in Mikhail Bakunin's revolutionary theory the solid bases on which we should build the international fight against the bourgeois imperialism. Only the international fight of the proletariat is capable to destroy the exploration and the global dominance exercised by the capitalists. And in that fight, an Anarchist International Organization has a decisive paper: to drive the proletariat to the revolutionary rupture.

(document can be readed in this time only in spanish and portuguese.brasil, english and frensh translations will be published in a few days)

¡For a revolutionary anarchist international!
International union of the proletariat!!!
¡For a social revolution!
¡Victory to freedom and socialism!

UNIPA – Brasil

OPAR – México


12:50 PM  

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