Friday, December 04, 2009

Vote For Molly's Blog!

Molly's Blog (see ) like last year, is in the running for 'Best Political Blog' at the Canadian Blog awards . I urge you to go ( ) and vote for Molly! (And if you haven't seen the blog you ought to – it really is first rate.) See


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Blogger mollymew said...

Thanks larry and Renegade. Pass on te news if you can.

5:31 PM  
Blogger Natailya Petrova said...


I've been wondering about how to reach you. Scott Werner is facing some serious issues. I've been offering him counsel and potential funds to deal with this dire place in his life. His employer seems somewhat sympathetic, but he might lay him off ~ given the financial drain on the company. The solution his employer proposed is a disability subsidy, but that might not be enough to assure him a comfortable depression related retirement or training for more pleasurable work. Not to mention the dependence of such subsidy on the shifting political fortunes of "liberals" or whoever represents the welfare state in Canada. You'd think the Reds were storming the battlements down here in the U.S.A. from following conventional media. Please email me at with any contacts, advice, or funds you may be able to spare. I am not primarily doing this as someone interested in Libertarian ideas. It just seemed like the kind thing to do for anyone in his state. I can attest to the paralyzing power of pathological depression/anxiety. It's definitely no picnic.

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