Saturday, April 07, 2007

13 Year Old Girl Arrested For Writing On Desk!

This is truly unbelievable. When I was a kid we would write on the desks all the time. No one thought anything of it. More proof that the people in charge of the US are dangerous lunatics and that the society is in free fall.



Blogger Frank Partisan said...

All the desks were carved at my school.

I linked to your blog.

12:16 AM  
Blogger Werner said...

Good post Larry. Things seem to be getting more ridiculous every day. I think the main difference between today and back when you and I were in public school is that social control has become more insidious and "sneaky". I remember around about grade three the teacher got pissed off at a girl who was always getting up out of her desk without "permission". The teacher actually tied this girl around her stomach to the chair! Fuck that. In grade eight I heard a kid getting the strap in the principal's office. I wanted to take a board or something and smash the head honcho right in the head ... but I didn't. I thought about this for years ... I hate wimps. One time about grade six ... near the end of the year around Christmas ... all the silly little girls in the class were babbling about some clown flying through the air with reindeer and I told them how stupid they all were. Christ they were mostly eleven years old, not TWO. Our asshole teacher then asked the class " how many boys and girls believe in Santa Claus ". Most of them did. Then the dumbfuck in front of me turned around and said " but Werner it's magic". I wanted to barf all over her actually. I guess I learned the meaning of "tyranny of the majority" that day. Even my fairly conservative parents thought this was crap. I also started to understand the main difference between European authoritarian and the domestic variety. North America tends to glorify anti-intellectualism more than the old world although SOME of the results aren't that different I suppose. Okay ... I'll stop rambling now.

12:06 PM  

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