Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Coming Collapse of the US Empire

I have often wondered if the US Empire might collapse in the manner of the USSR. A Russian writer, Dimtry Orlof, wonders the same. But he feels there will be a significant difference. The situation for the US Empire will be far worse. See

Also see

I found this article on James Kunstler's site,


Blogger RossHeckmann said...

Thanks, Larry. I never would have found this article if you hadn't drawn it to my attention. Wow, that Russian writer has real insight into so many of our major faults & failings. His comparison of the collapse of the old Soviet Union and the collapse of the American Empire is quite plausible. I have not yet read Chalmers Johnson's books, only summaries of them, but I also have a good impression of his analysis of where we are headed. It will be hell to live through this time, but it's all a matter of sowing and reaping. In any event, there increasingly seems to be no other way to stop the United States and to break its addiction to vicious and pathological ways of viewing the world & patterns of behavior.

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