Sunday, October 29, 2006

To The Mexican Consulate!

(This is taken from A-infos -

Yesterday, as many who are reading this probably already know, an amazing
companero, journalist, anarchist, freedom fighter, earth firster, musician, and
human being was shot down and killed in cold blood, along with three other
companeros, by officials employed by the Mexican Government. His name was
Bradley Will, and he was shot at the barricades of Santa Lucia, in Oaxaca,
Mexico, as an indymedia reporter telling the story of the amazing resistance
of people of Oaxaca. For over five months residents have occupied the streets
in an attempt to oust the corrupt, brutal governor Ruiz, and achieve the
dignity, freedom, and autonomy initially sought after by the teacher’s
strike which was so brutally repressed by that same governor.

While it is not yet clear which segment of the Mexican government is responsible, it is clear from the many photos taken during the shooting
that the chief of police, another policeman, and important members of PRI
party which supports Ruiz were involved.

To add insult to injury, President Fox is now using the tragedy of
these deaths as an excuse to bring in federal forces, to restore
“lawfulness.” We can only assume, given the student massacre of ’68,
the history of repression of the Zapatistas by Fox’s military, his
recent threats to invade Oaxaca, and the fact that his own government
is instigated in the murders, that Fox means to repress the rebellion.

Days before we US residents may have been watching Oaxaca, waiting
to “see what happens.” No longer shall we wait. We are now a part of
this unfolding history. If the Mexican Army invades Oaxaca, it will
be with the financial and military support of the US government. We
can not let this happen.

On Monday morning, October 30th, Mexican consulates around the US will
attempt to open their doors, to continue business as usual. But they
will not succeed in doing so, because we will be there to stop them.
At every embassy, at every consulate, we will be there, to remember
Brad, to support the teacher’s strike, to fight alongside Oaxacans
in their struggle for self-determination and autonomy from the corrupt
Mexican government. This call to action against consulates is in line
with what companeros from the APPO have already called for earlier this
week before this shooting.

We already know of many groups who are planning for Monday, and every
day following if necessary. Please spread this call to action as wide
as possible. Spread the word: to activists, teachers, students, earth
firsters, latino social services centers, places where day laborers
gather, anti-racist action groups, food not bombs chapters, peace and
justice organizations, Zapatista solidarity groups, anarchist people of
color chapters, people you work with, your neighbors. Copy and paste this
the whole world wide, and do so quickly. And please translate a version of
this to Spanish as well, and spread it around!

A directory of all the locations of all the Mexican consulates in the US
and Canada can be found at:

In memory of my friend, who I know will be with us in spirit,

a friend and companero of Brad, who is sad, angry, and organizing.


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