Sunday, December 11, 2005


We need self-transcendent passions. They don't have to be artistic or intellectual. Could be golf or skiing - anything that consumes you, takes you out of yourself. Something you would rather do than anything else and no excuse will stop you from doing it. The passion lives thru you. You are never bored if you have that passion. Nor are you ever alone. Others share your passion and thus your life. The people with passion are the ones who make the world go round, while the passionless are the voyeurs, the followers, the sheeple.

All children are passionate. They attack life with fervor. The root of this fervor is imagination, a faculty all are born with. For many people the imagination is crushed early in life and the passion dies. Imagination and therefore, self-transcendent passion, is strangled by authoritarian parenting, the boredom that is skool and the emptiness of Korporate Krap Kulture, day and night shoved down the throats of children. But some of us always escape and maintain that childlike imagination and energy throughout our lives.

People who don't have a self-transcendent passion are wrapped up in themselves. They need to be entertained, and by other people. Their needs cannot be filled from within. The passionless do not understand the passionate. "Why does she go to meetings all the time and not stay home and watch TV with me?" "Can't he think about anything but fishing?" In their passionless ignorance they seek to control and even destroy the passionate. "You want to be an artist? Don't waste your time - get a real job!" "There's no money it what you are doing, you know!" "Put down that book and do something useful!"

You can't blame the passionate for at times feeling like Gulliver tied down by the Lilliputians.


Blogger pman said...

Right on Kleitus!

Children used to self-transcend through play. They used to make up their own world of imaginary adventures and imaginary situations. Childen learned by playing hockey(Canada) or soccer(Mexico) every day after school. But now we're too busy shoving homework and video games down their throats.

I see the difference every day here in Mexico, where children are not yet affected by this crap.


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