Saturday, November 19, 2005


There is much talk of late, even from Republicans, of a need for the US to withdraw its troops from Iraq. I hope they don’t withdraw. Stay the course Bush-shites! No, I haven't gone nuts and joined the Brown Shirts. Simply put, the American people must be completely and totally inoculated against the twin diseases of militarism and empire. For this to occur, the Empire must be dragged ever further into the Middle East quagmire and unequivocally DEFEATED. War, empire and the Neocons must arouse as much disgust among the average American as kiddie porn and child rapists. The results of Neocon policies must be such that America will finally decide to mind its own business and leave the rest of the world alone. To withdraw now would leave behind many vestiges of the imperial cancer. The disease could metastasize any time in the future. Many people would see the war on Iraq as only a failure, not as an immoral policy that must never be duplicated in the future.

There is also the fact the attempted conquest of Iraq is tying down the US corporate state. It is evident to even the most bone-headed racist Neoconazi, that the Empire’s hold on the rest of the world is thereby rendered tenuous. The jewel in the Imperial Crown is not Iraq, but Latin America – its old (quiet literally ) stomping ground. If it weren't for Iraq, the Neocons would be attacking Venezuela, turning Columbia into another Viet Nam, and happily installing military dictatorships wherever possible.

Too bad for them, but the Southern Continent is in ferment. A powerful wave of democracy is pushing thru the region. Anti-corporate populism is on the rise. In a few years this populist revolution may be irreversible. A populist Latin America could then unite with the growing progressive and libertarian forces of Europe. A democratic social and economic model could arise and challenge the authoritarianism and corruption of the US corporate state. The beginning of this process exists within the Social Forums occurring in Europe and Latin America over the past few years.

The US Empire is the last empire and the sooner it is brought down, the better it will be for all of humanity.


Blogger labby22 said...

"The US Empire is the last empire and the sooner it is brought down, the better it will be for all of humanity."

Thats right, cause no other country will ever step up to fill the void. I bet they said that after the Romans,Ottomans,and British too!!

2:28 PM  
Blogger Larry Gambone said...

Yeah, well think about it. What possible countries are in the offing for the next empire stakes? India? China? Maybe. But neither of them for reasons that I won't go into here could pull it off. Furthermore, at some point the imperial madness has to end, humanity has to move beyond it and the next 50 years or so is as likely a time as any.

7:14 PM  
Blogger labby22 said...

"at some point the imperial madness has to end,"

I would argue that historical evidence points at a simple "changing of the guard" if the US were to falter. I believe you have an overly optimistic view of humanity porcupine. Im afraid its human instinct to attempt to rise above your fellow humans, and exert control over them. As sad as that may be, thus is the way of man.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Kevin Carson said...

Wow, labby actually managed to disagree civilly on this older thread. Must have developed a case of 'roid rage since.

9:43 PM  

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