Monday, May 11, 2020


That mortality rates should drop during a crisis is counter-intuitive. Nonetheless, this is what these studies show – and these are genuine scientific studies, not Dr Quack's opinions nor Joe Dork's You Tube rant. Yes, people do die of heart attacks, strokes, substance abuse because they lost their job, but more people live generally than would if the system functioned normally. It seems that working is a greater killer than losing ones job.The people opposed to physical distancing and other mandatory precautions who claim that the death rate will shoot up due to the economic effects, ought to take notice and nuance their opinions. One should not, however, simply adopt these studies as universally applicable, or that everything will be sunny in Covid Land. For example, the collapse of the USSR killed an estimated 2 to 10 million people. There must be some variables involved, such as the general pre-crisis level of wealth and health of the populace, level of social solidarity which would impact a lowering of morality rates. Mortality will also depend upon how much governments support the population during this crisis. I can add 6 more studies are below in the comments section, if people should so desire..

Quote from one study, "The authors cite several factors to explain this correlation between economic recession and a faster decline in mortality. In the opinion of Joan Ballester, ISGlobal researcher and first author of the study, "Periods of macroeconomic recession are associated with lower levels of pollution and fewer accidents in the workplace and on the roads. These are the factors most likely to have the greatest influence on accelerating the decline in mortality. Alcohol and tobacco consumption also fall during periods of greater austerity, as do the prevalences of sedentary lifestyles and obesity. While the underlying mechanisms are still not well established, the findings of some studies also point to the influence of other factors, such as work stress and the fact that healthy habits demand time, something less available to a person working in a full-time job." 
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