Saturday, March 07, 2020


The right sees socialism everywhere including the most innocuous of social reforms. But they fail to get to the root source of the problem, a root source forever feeding its socialistic impulses into society. I am speaking of the family and friendship. For example, in your family do you have a lock on the fridge and charge your children for the food they eat? No, they eat without payment – pure socialism! What's worse, they can eat as much as they want and need contribute nothing, or at most a few chores. Is that not “From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs”? Socialism, hell, that is pure Marxian communism! Friendship is another sleazy socialist trick to wrap us up in the red flag. Invite your friends over for dinner. Do you give them a bill at the end of the meal? Of course not, the welfare scroungers get to eat for free! Your elderly neighbor needs a ride down town, do you charge her cab fare? No, she rides for free, the parasite. Friendship and neighborliness are socialistic traps! And what are the causes of family and friendship? Why those insidious commie irrational behaviours known as love and affection. The ONLY WAY to eliminate socialism is to root it out at its sources. The sources are family and friendship. To be truly capitalist, to be truly "Conservative", you must live alone and have no friends, love only yourself, beware of the slightest feelings for others, or otherwise you will be susceptible to the socialist virus.
(With thanks to David Graeber his concept of the communism of everyday life)


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