Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Too Convenient?

Ah, the NeoConNazis are salivating over this one. The secret po-lice done found a buncha Ay-rab El Kay-dees makin a great big fertilizer bomb. Gonna blow up a MacDonalds and threaten the Amurrican, er the Canajun waya life!

What an interesting coincidence. The alleged bomb plot appears just when the Harpocrits need it. Makes one think of that other remarkable coincidence called 9-11. The secret police claim they spent two years setting up, oops, INVESTIGATING, the plot. Now I am not ABSOLUTELY sure this is a false flag op., but given the nature of secret police mentality my natural impulse is suspicion. “Intelligence” and what used to be called “the Red Squad” tends to attract nut cases, the sort who will go to any length to impose their right-wing paranoid viewpoint upon the world. As a case in point, the old RCMP Red Squad used to be full of look-out -for -the -commies-under-the-bed types. In the USA, James Jesus Angleton, head honcho of the CIA was such a loon that in 1966 he was claiming that the Sino-Soviet split was only an act to confuse gullible Westerners. There is no crime too vicious for our ruling classes in their psychopathic lust for power and wealth. As such we must take any pronouncements coming from their apparatus of repression with a few bags of salt.


Blogger Werner said...

Here,here ...

Maybe someone should tell our Minister of Public Safetypin, Mr "Dancing with Dinosaurs" Day that no muslim I've met ever went around telling people the world is six thousand years old. (But they are generally a pretty morbid bunch nonetheless.) The problem is that Islam IS one of the uglier superstitions probably even worse than Christianity. So the results are inevitable ... like mixing ammonium nitrate with diesel. Stir in a few scoops of colonialism and shake well. Result ... KABOOMSKY! Actually Hitler said something here that is precident
" We would have never been able to take over if it were not for the radio".
Did I hear a small voice say "Reichstag fire"?

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