Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pettigrew Defeat a Warning

The following article in The Rabble shows what ought to have been done to the warmonger Michael Ignatiev. A similar campaign could still derail his leadership quest.

“On Monday, Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew was unseated by electors in the Montreal riding of Papineau. Pettigrew's defeat comes on the heels of a two-month campaign by Haiti Action Montreal and Le Comité Haïtien Pour Les Élections Fédérales 2006, urging Pettigrew's constituents to hold him accountable for Canada's role in the 2004 overthrow of democracy and subsequent human rights disaster in Haiti. From December until voting day, activists handed out over 12,000 flyers and put up over 2,000 posters in the former minister's riding. The two groups organized a string of demonstrations, confronting Pettigrew whenever he appeared in public. On at least one occasion, Pettigrew cancelled an appearance due to the presence of demonstrators.”
by Haiti Action January 25, 2006


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