Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Federal Election

Well, Anus Lips finally got what he wanted – to be Bush’s Kay-nuk Quisling. Is it a coincidence that Harper becomes PM only two months ahead of a possible Neoconazi attack on Eye-ran? (1) Will Bush’s little sock puppet get us involved in this mess, like he wanted to in Eye-raq? The Canadian mass media, owned by two companies both in the hands of neocons, have been pimping Harper and his Supposed-Tories for months now. They were sooo unhappy, poor things, that we didn’t get involved in the last war, so they are trying to make damned sure we get into the next one.

Only a few weeks ago, the populist Evo Morales got elected by a landslide in Bolivia. THEY get a populist who says he will stand up to the Gringos and democratize the economy. (2) WE get a Quisling who wants to enslave us to the Corporate State. The only good point is that it will be a minority government, so maybe the damage can be minimized. It should be noted that the left advanced considerably – not that the NDP is much of a left – but nonetheless this seems to be part of the global tendency to reject neocon ideology.

Perhaps even worse than Harper’s partial victory, is Michael Ignatiev’s victory as a Liberal candidate. This member of the US War Party is being touted as a possible future Liberal leader. It’s not hard to see what’s going on here. The Neocons are attempting to capture both parties for their war plans and reproduce as closely as possible in Canada the situation in the US - two parties with identical viewpoints except for minor shadings and all other views marginalized. Here is where the anti-war movement can have a political impact and derail these fiendish plans. The Ig should not be able to make a public appearance without being surrounded by demonstrators who denounce him as a Gringo stooge and warmonger. Make him a political liability, rather than a (pseudo) intellectual asset.

(1) Now that the Bush-shites taken over the Canadian state, we may as well talk like them

(2) He is not a state socialist, but espouses a form of libertarian populism “In a 2002 interview, Mr. Morales told The New York Times that the solution to Bolivia's economic troubles was "communal socialism," having peasant communes run mineral and metals mines and agriculture.” (NEW YORK TIMES January 22, 2006 - BOLIVIA'S LEADER SOLIDIFIES REGION'S LEFTWARD TILT By Juan Forero and Larry Roher.)


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Anus Lips. Only you, Kleitus, could find such an appropriate name for Harper.


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