Thursday, April 03, 2014

Via Campesina Supports Venezuela Against US-inspired Right-Wing Attacks

Via Campesina, the peasants organization embracing 200 million peasants world wide, defends the Venezuelan Revolution against US-inspired far-right attacks. See:

Viscious racism that lies behind the right-wing protests -

Note – Racism is the dirty little secret of the Latin American ruling class. A parasitic class of European origin rules over a peasant and working class population of Indigenous and African origin. The ruling class regards these as basically sub-human, so there is no limit to their cruelty and exploitation. (Consider only the massacre of Santa Maria de Iquique of 1907 when 3000 unarmed salitre workers were machine gunned to death, not to mention all the horrors since then.) This fact also goes a long way to the rulers lasting fascination with Nazis and fascism.

Thanks to Steve for the links.


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