Monday, May 02, 2011

Canadian Election 2011 - our "1933 Moment"

So the psychopaths got their majority. Now they can start dismantling all those remaining hated social democratic aspects of our society and turn us into a Third World country - now we can be just like the USA, the Harpercrits long term dream. Now they can freely terrorize cannabis smokers, impose crack pot religious ideas upon us, glory in war and corporate welfare, destroy the CBC, slowly privatize health care and so forth. But at the same time one must remember that only 40% of the population supported this wrecking crew, and most of that group are old, alienated and ignorant. The young do not support the far right, period. A sad commentary on our pseudo-democracy that 40% can bully the other 60%. What a sad commentary on our pseudo-democracy that all the major papers but one backed the Cons.

At the same time, this election marks a sharp turn to the left with the NDP making huge gains and the Greens apparently electing their first MP. Furthermore, much of this left comes from Quebec and while the rest of the country are candy- asses, the Quebecois will fight back and then some. We are in for a rough ride boys and girls. There are going to be some real brawls ahead. Judging by what our Fuehrer did at the G20 we can count on violence being done to us.

There is one other positive aspect to this otherwise nightmare scenario. When the global economy does its double dip, when the Canadian real estate bubble pops, the Harpercrits will be the ones holding the bag. The country will then become ungovernable.


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I've also posted on the subject.

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