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Chilean Anarchists on the Honduras Coup

Statement by the OLC (Organization of Libertarian Communists of Chile) trans. by machine, then cleaned up by LG.

Our organization's position on the military coup in Honduras: ----

1..- Once again the bourgeoisie allied with the armed forces engaged in a coup against a constitutionally elected president in the institutional framework of their own class. It is strange in the eyes of the world an action of this magnitude, even more so when those same national bourgeoisie gabbled about with "Never Again" and other polished phrases after white washing their sponsored dictatorships and waves of coups that ravaged the continent during the second half of the twentieth century.

2. Our organization rejects the oligarchs arguments on the illegitimacy of the "Popular Consultation" convened by a non-binding vote as a motive for the Gorilla Golpe against Manuel Zelay. This would ignore the long history of attacks on people's gains by the bourgeois parties, including the Liberal organization (the organization which was elected Zelaya), the ultimate expression was the law banning holding consultations 180 days before an election, an argument put forward by the bourgeoisie, their parties and their FFAA to make the referendum illegitimate, accusing Zelaya of unconstitutional practice and thus to execute the coup.

3 .- We note clearly that the CIA and the Government of the United States have learned from the failed coup in Venezuela against President Chavez. This time the White House openly rejected the coup in Honduras, which is consistent with the urgent laundering U.S. image in the region in light of its loss of influence and the need to gain ground lost in a continent boiling with popular revolt, while still supporting the old doctrine of national security, graduating senior officers in Latin America's infamous School of the Americas, where the same putschist Honduran officials, graduated with honors including chief of staff Romeo Vasquez Velasquez and Head of Air Force Luis Javier Suazo Prince.

4 .- Our organization openly recognized the government of Manuel Zelaya, as expression of decades of popular aspirations, which in terms of foreign policy is mirrored in alignment with the governments that support the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas ( ALBA), which have been formed in the last 15 years in our continent. We firmly believe that this attitude of the government of Zelaya, placed next to the working people, poor, indigenous and marginalized from Honduras and the governments of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, has been the trigger for the establishment of the dictatorship in Honduras.

5 .- Located on the State of Chile there must be action against against the coup beyond mere declarations of good will. In our view, the minimum action that should be undertaken at the height of the decent people of Honduras, is totally breaking diplomatic and trade relations with the civilian-military dictatorship.

6 .- The resistance that has developed with its indigenous people, community, civil society, tradeunions, in the streets of Honduras is a demonstration that Zelaya's government is backed by the people. In parliament, while the president has no allies, the people in the streets are demanding his return via the demand for a General Strike. We hold that the military coup will not drown all hope of the Honduran people, on the contrary, this event will allow an exponential leap in the development of their political and social organizations, with regard to the maturation of a collective society and the definition of a road beyond the scope of mere democratic reforms. The overthrow of the government of Zelaya, has allowed not only a demonstration of the lack of social support for the bourgeois imperialist project, but has allowed millions to open their eyes not only in Honduras but also in Latin America and the world showing the limits of the bourgeois democratic framework.

7 .- The Libertarian Communist Organization of Chile rejects gorilla coup in Honduras, and is aligned with the honorable people of Central America in the rejection of the puppet government of Roberto Micheletti. We know, and history gives us the reason that dictatorships are not exceptional events in the life of nations, but a recurring weapon of the imperialist bourgeoisie. Today the Honduran people claim in the street what they have chosen at the polls, but we know that tomorrow, the same people in the same streets will build popular power and their liberation.

Arriba los y las que luchan!!!

¡¡¡ Venceremos!!!

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Good article (translated) by Jose Antonio Gutierrez at



Blogger Renegade Eye said...

I agree with the statement.

The Honduras events again prove permanent revolution correct. Zalaya is hardly a socialist, and even his meager reforms, are unable to be met under capitalism.

8:14 PM  
Blogger mollymew said...

Say "Duh", yes they can be. They have been "met" in MANY other countries, and they have been even met, and exceeded, in the present "workers' paradise" of Venezuela without it being a "socialist economy".
DON'T deduce in the abscence of evidence, especially if there are dozens of examples to the contrary. I know the temptation to slot an event into an abstract and beloved category can be almost irrestible, but look before you leap. the idea that the events will end in a compromise, as expressed by Jose Guiterrez is much more likely. You may not like this idea, but reality has no consideration for either your or my desires.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Clint said...

The double standards in this country (the U.S.) are unfathomable. It wasn't even three weeks ago that everyone was up in arms about democracy in Iran.

Now we have a coup in Iran, followed by media silencing and crack downs on protests. The reaction? We have people saying the coup was justified (or not a coup at all). Then we have the government continuing to fund the coup perpetrators!

12:12 PM  

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