Thursday, March 06, 2008

New Hemp Video

The following message was forwarded to me by Stu V. 

Hello Hemp Friends, (my apologies for any duplicate mailings)

I'm very pleased to report that our Hemp video has been posted on You
Tube for all to see.**

Months in the making (when Errol and I could find the time) and assisted
by many hemp friends, this is part one, and we look forward to working
on Part 2. We used whatever footage and information was made available
to us, and did a lot of editing to make it fit under 10 minutes. I hope
we did not leave anyone out of the credits who gave us help.

It would be great if everyone with a website could link to this YouTube
URL, so all interested in this aspect of the hemp industry could see it...

Thanks for your help and support,

for Hemp Workers Cooperative
Education Committee of The Hemp Industries Association
The Cool Hemp Company, Killaloe ON


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