Friday, January 19, 2007

Total Liberty

TOTAL LIBERTY Winter 2006 is out. A fine English anarchist publication. In “The Strange Case of Kropotkin's Chair...” Christopher Draper explores the state of Britain's labour history museums and the various forms of anarchist iconography (including a Brighton city bus named after Peter Kropotkin!) Steve Cullen examines three different examples of free association overlooked in daily life, Nigel Meek goes after the chain stores, Yours truly outlines the world-wide rebirth of anarchism and Richard Hebden asks “Can There Be Such A Thing As A Christian Anarchist?” Joe Peacott spills the beans on Alaska in “The Last Frontier”. Book reviews and letters, 16 pages 1L (a bargain!) from 47 High St. Belper, Derby, DE56 1GF UK or


Blogger eugene plawiuk said...

I like the green I can read this.

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