Tuesday, July 19, 2005


This is a manufactured economy. No, not a manufacturing economy, but a manufactured economy. In the same way that Noam Chomsky talks of "manufacturing consent", much, if not most of the corporate economy, is artificial, serves no real human need and is simply created to feed itself.


About one trillion dollars is spent on war and the preparation for it, worldwide. (I refuse to use the Orwellian "defense spending") All of this is artificial, especially now that no superpower exists to militarily challenge the USA. Lets take, for the sake of argument, that Russia under Stalin was a threat for a few years after WW2. Governments genuinely concerned with world peace would have welcomed and supported the reformers who took power after him. But, on the contrary, the Cold War was advanced and everything done to undermine the possibility of reform in the USSR. (Even as late as 1990, sections of the US far right - presumably with military contracts in mind, claimed that the Gorbachov reforms were also a ploy.) Without question, the Cold War and its massive expense (and therefore massive corporate welfare) after the death of Stalin, if not before, was a fraud.

With no superpower to challenge the USA, a new threat had to be invented. Thus the "War on Terror", a "war" against an invisible foe, and one that can never be won, for nothing can stop a determined individual who is not afraid of dying. This new war is the ideal war for the scammers.


Then there is the so-called War On Drugs, or the War FOR Drugs as I prefer to call it. This is a complete and utter fraud. According to a former LA narcotics squad officer Mike Ruppert, who should know, at least HALF A TRILLION dollars of drug money washes in and out of the US financial apparatus. You can be assured that this money is not from the famed Colombian Drug Lords, Mafias, Hells Angels or ghetto gangs, but from the Big Boys who ultimately profit from these groups. (The criminal gangs are mere street corner juvenile delinquents along side the government officials and bankers who are really in charge.) As a pleasant offshoot of the War For Drugs, the police-prison-industrial complex, a happy $135 billion a year industry in the US, (all ripped off from taxes, natch.) not one half of which would exist without the criminalization of drugs. (1)

One other aspect of this crime are the links with the Nazis. Klaus Barbie, protected by the US government, was instrumental in setting up the massive cocaine trade in Bolivia, which then laid the basis for the Colombian coke barons and the importation of cocaine into the US ghettos as part of theIran-Contra scandal.

1. In 2001, Auditor General Sheila Fraser said the federal government was spending close to $500 million a year fighting the drug trade. Roughly 95 per cent of that goes to enforcement and policing, and two-thirds of the country's 50,000 annual drug arrests are for cannabis offenses. (Macleans 22-11-04) The hostility of the police and the political right to cannabis legalization has to be rooted in fear of a loss of tax money going to the police-prison-industrial complex. They also must fear that decrim of pot might next lead to demands that drug addiction be treated as a medical problem and not a criminal one, which would eventually kill the scam. See also


Blogger pman said...

"[M]uch, if not most of the corporate economy, is artificial, serves no real human need and is simply created to feed itself."

This is true, prof! It's kinda like a human being eating his own shit to feed himself. At a certain point, he can't shit anymore because he doesn't feed himself with real food. So the poor bastard dies. Sorry to sound cynical!

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