Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Comment To The The Tyee

(In reference to the up-coming BC election. )With the Gliberals record, the NDP should be ready for a landslide. That they might not even win a minority govt. points out what a poor opposition they have been. But then again, the NDP and the hard right share a common fear of the average working person. Both parties wish to be in power to rule OVER us and not to allow us to control our lives in our communities. Thus, it is no wonder that most people are not enthused about such an “opposition.” Social democracy was originally about empowerment of workers, farmers and their communities. Somewhere along the line this got lost. Democracy got reduced to the quadrennial farce whereby we elect an elite who do what they want and to hell with our wishes. Loss of the true democratic vision has meant the stifling of social democracy and a further lack of imagination. It is no wonder that in many countries they have become Neocon-lite. Rather than give our time to the NDP perhaps we should think of forming committees of correspondence to discuss and agitate for empowerment of the community, cooperative development and self-management?


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