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 An article appearing in The Star, June 27, entitled “Indigenous conservation Canada’s way of the future, Guilbeault says.” In reference to Steven Guilbault , Minister of Environment aroused a barrage of hate. This involved demonization of the minister and the Liberals, the Big Lie Technique, conspiracy fantasies and racism toward Indigenous people. Guilbault had the temerity to suggest that we could learn something from Indigenous People and that they ought to be given some say in environmental matters. The remarks below are highly disturbing as they represent 4 aspects of Umberto Eco's 14 points of Ur-fascism. (1) (Eco said that only one of these points was enough to generate a fascist movement)

BIG LIE TECHNIQUE – non-violence as terrorism, Guilbault was a former environmental activist with Greenpeace.

From an orange suit to a cabinet position. From a terrorist to a level of authority and we wonder what the hell went wrong with our country?? Canada is 155 years old today but only took two trudeau's to destroy it.”JT's eco-terrorist from the 1970s and 1980s”

DEMONIZATION - “Guilbeault: one of Canada's destroyers” “The guy is a stunt clown with no qualifications other than being a Quebecer who like his boss hates the west.and Free Enterprise.” “with the help of dogmeat Singh”USELESS TAPEWORMS”

ANTI-INDIGENOUS BIGOTRY  How come they pollute their own reserve” “but they never practiced or currently practice animal conservation. They're wiping out the walleye in Alberta, salmon in BC. And they have no issues with wiping out entire WMU's of moose and elk.”4.9% of the population of canada should dictate how the other 95% live - yeah, right.“never was their land they were nomads who crossed the land bridge at Alaska 10s of thousands years ago. Continued being nomads we have to make them self sufficient and stop pumping endless money into reserves where it is eatin up by chiefs and council. Harper made them accountable for the money and Trudeau scrapped it“ there never was any inter-tribal massacres or scalping, or slave trade or stealing and raping of females by variouos tibes long before whitey came here?“governments pass along billions a year from our tax dollars, way more than come from "resources" taken from OUR land, not exclusively their land, but hey don't let facts get in your way.“The amount of time, money and effort spent on 4.9% of the population is ridiculous and hopefully the day of reckoning will come when they are told STOP, ENOUGH, instead of being a liability be an asset.” “Somebody said get rid of Reservations, and old time, long forgotten treaties that have no relevance to the 21st century. We forget that when Columbus arrived in North America that some indigenous tribes were slaughtered by other tribes, and their sacred sites, language and customs have deliberately been erased by other tribes who wanted everything for themselves. Bring out the past, investigate which lands were stolen or confiscated by other tribes, and reverse these tragedies.“Why all the fuss about aboriginal clean drinking water.” “Most Canadians pay for their own filtration systems or pay waterboard taxes for potable citywater. Why are the indigenous special?“I see the native lands quite often , Protect land , animals ? really ? Puppies in landfill , stray animals , land , houses in shambles , wrecks and garbage about . Protect what land ? Like Guilbealt ( jail bird ) all a fake all for Money ! “ “lets burn the prairies to destroy an entire herd of bison… environmentally friendly!

CONSPIRACY FANTASIES - “U.N.D.R.I.P is a Scam! you are using the Indian people as pawns in order to fulfill your evil agenda of U.N Agenda 21/2030 AKA NEW WORLD ORDER!”Is he a member of the WEF?” “the globalists are just using the natives sadly / when they get the power they will destroy them! guilbeault is WEF bought and paid for!he butt buds with turd.”

1. The four points are disagreement as treason, fear of difference, obcession with a plot and selective populism.


Blogger Tim said...

Too bad if some do not think it prudent to give the native peoples of the North American continent, who have a history both long and fulfilling, their stewardship of the land was their religion, balance with the world they lived in was the code they followed, very honorable folks by and large. But, you know, white people need to help them now to make it better for them, just ask them what they need that they can't obtain and go get it for them, thankfully and gratefully for letting us live on their land. Isn't it like that in Canada? Pardon the dripping of sarcasm all over the computers, but...
Don't you just hope that the practitioners of the true nature of humanity are still meeting somewhere on this earth and figure out what to do and how and when??

6:47 AM  
Blogger Tim said...

I want to thank you for the years of excellent work on the Porcupine so that's what this is, thanks.

6:50 AM  

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