Tuesday, May 31, 2022


These are the comments found in a fossil fuel propaganda site called “Fairness Alberta” Note the racist attacks on Quebec, the paranoia and conspiracy fantasies. And the endless demonization of the innocuous Justin Trudeau. No doubt these were many of the same people who supported the KKKonvoy

We have a PM focused on destroying the West and giving everything to Quebec to make it grand

Maybe it's time to throw QUEBEC out of Canada . They don't seem to like anything about Canada except transfer payments

If Canadians allow it to continue worse is yet to come with the complete shut down of the energy sector in western Canada... And that has been the objective of Trudeau, Singhe and most Quebec leaders for several years now, ...part of the wef plan they are following [WEF is the “World Economic Forum” bugbear of the loony right]

The Liberal/NDP Government is the enemy to the oil and gas industry! It is a Regressive government!

actually he wants to give Canada to the UN & WEF …for those organizations to run our country... They will take everything we have (our houses, vehicles, boats, sleds, body autonomy, freedom), and we will become their slaves.

he is deliberately destroying Canada setting it up for a communist(or worse) govt to move in and take over

We have the worst most corrupt prime minister and his cabinet along side the highest corrupt province Quebec that are leaches and are draining this country to the point of no return.Can any one tell me what Quebec and the liberals do for Canada but use it like their own bank and keep Canada bankrupt and leave the rest of Canadians poorer.Quebec and Trudeau should be kicked out of Canada and maybe we can final get this country back on tract without these leaches thinking that Canada is their slaves.It makes me sick how Trudeau and Quebec have destroyed Canada and divided this country in two .Trudeau and the corrupt mafia in Quebec work well together and that’s why this uneducated spoiled boy remains in power because he’s the puppet to pass what ever Quebec wants and in return he gets kick backs and votes.Quebec still has the highest corruption in Canada and it is only getting worse with Trudeau in power because that’s the only way Trudeau knows how to keep himself in government is through bribery and corruption.

The liberals are determined to support communist regimes and destroy our energy industry. Unreal.

a way to weaken the Canadians to be easier to control by the Global entities.

Anyone who is against the use of Canada's natural resources of oil and gas is an enemy of Canada !!!!

How can Quebec tell other Canadians how to be? Quebec hasn't signed into confederation! Quebec shouldn't have a say in any of Canadian politics! As far as I'm concerned, GET OUT OR SIGN INTO CONFEDERATION!

You want different things in life, Just about everything you buy clothes, cars, boats, toilet paper to list a few needs oil or gas to make it or run it. So if everything is shut down in the gas and oil sector you would not have things you need so stop harping on shutting everything down

The liberals and NDP are ruining all of Canada now not just the west. Traitors have to be dealt with.

Liberals propaganda has convinced the ignorant masses that Canadian oil and gas is bad! They have done so because the Trudeau foundation and the Liberal elite are making vast fortunes from imported oil!

No oil for Quebec from Alberta......................Period. And no Saudi oil for Quebec. And no illegal immigrants through Quebec.


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