Wednesday, November 11, 2020



A friend of mine just got back from Venezuela. He was trapped there by Covid 19, spending EIGHT MONTHS there before he could get back to Canada. During that time he traveled all over the country on his bicycle – from Amazonia to the Caribbean and then to the Colombian border. He either camped beside the road or was invited to stay at peoples houses or farms. What he saw in that lengthy grass roots tour is most informative;

1. No one was starving and there was plenty of food

2. He saw no violent outbreaks or even regular criminal violence

3. Gasoline was rationed, yet the buses continued to run. And there were plenty of cars on the road.

4. There were no hoards of people trying to cross into Colombia, in fact, he discovered that many Colombians live in Venezuela, having to escape the repression there.

5. Opposition to the Madero Government seemed to come from white people alone. They often told him "how great the country was 20 years ago." (when half the population lived in abject poverty and the state was in their hands.)

This on-the ground report totally contradicts what has appeared in the mass media. Mind you, he did not visit Caracas, but if they lie about the entire country, might they also not be lying about conditions there too?


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