Friday, October 02, 2015

The 2015 Canadian Federal election

After a summer of being behind in the polls, the Harpercons are now ahead, after playing the “fear of Muslims” card. Of course, 32% isn't any kind of ringing victory, but our bizarre and undemocratic “first-past-the-post” electoral system would convert that figure into a minority government. If the Harpercrit and his minions are able to bump that figure anywhere past 36% they would be in majority territory, and if that happens you can kiss your arse good bye as far as what remains of humanity, democracy and decency in this country. What a system that allows 36% of the voters to bully the other 64%!

This election may well be a cross roads. If we can't vote out the most retrogressive government in modern Canadian history what can we do? The inability to change course, even though the vast majority of the population desires this, indicates that the system is broken. And with another Harpercon regime, it will become even more broken.

The only alternative is revolution! Yeah, right... If people can't get it together to eliminate their worst tormentors electorally, you think they are going to grow a spine and overthrow the system? Of course, as the Cons wreck society, attack First Nations and generally maintain a plunder-based economy, there will be a rise in protest and civil disobedience. But will it be enough to make the changes we need? There is little time left, given the pace of global warming. If we had another 50 years, fine, no problem, but we don't. We need to make those changes now.

The only “alternative” is collapse. Capitalism and the state are too boxed in by their own contradictions to make revolutionary change possible. The environment, the social, political and economic systems continue to degrade until the point of no return. Like the Mayans, the survivors, if there are any,  abandon the “temples” and return to a simpler, human scale and environmentally saner reality.


Anonymous Cocoabean said...

Larry, I detest not specifically Harper but the ideology of his party, the "Conservatives" as much as you seem to...

But there's little real difference between any of the four parties on the issue of expanding the scope, funding and authority of government. They all see the authoritarian state as a vehicle through which they can impose policies and pay off client groups.

There is no recognition whatsoever of any need for smaller scale, for decentralization, for downsizing, de-funding or localized control of resources. Even the Greens, with their emphasis on some of these, would use government as a tool and would expand social spending, taxing and authority.

So at the advance poll I voted Marxist-Leninist. Yes I did, in utter frustration and with no other choice.

I rather suspect that there will be no revolution, at least until the pension, salary and government cheques stop coming or buy very little...most of my neighbours seem somehow somnolent, immersed in their own little worlds, oblivious to the larger currents changing their world. They drive their cars, buy their little luxuries, drink and watch entertainment on their i-gadgets without a care in the world - as if B.C. were somehow immune to worldwide happenings.

It's almost like sleepwalking. I rather suspect that, as Jim Kunstler writes, we're all doomed to "go medieval" in terms of technology living standards and resource availability, but that's the furthest thing from people's minds right now.

2:03 PM  

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