Thursday, January 08, 2015

This Should Be Posted In All Schools and Workplaces – a reply to bilious billionaire megalomaniac Bill Gates

Hey all you young folks! Take this advise from an old working class guy.

1. Be glad you have self-esteem. Most of us older folks didn't at your age and it took us half our adult lives to develop it. Imagine what we could have done without having that burden on our backs.
2. You are entitled to something better than flipping burgers. Everyone is. There is enough wealth to provide everyone with a decent paying job. Trouble is people like Gates have taken most of that wealth for themselves.
3. Don't fall for propaganda that pits one generation against another – either by belittling your generation or putting down ours.
4. Don't let anyone sneer at you for your environmental concerns. You will be living with the negative effects of climate change not us. We will be dead.
5. Don't let anyone tell you you can't do something. Our generation had our fill of that.
6. Yes, life is unfair. But not innately so. If life is unfair it is because the system you live under is unjust
7. If the system we live under can't live up to your expectations, then get rid of it. Change it to one more suited to your needs and aspirations.
8. Don't feel guilty about living with your parents because speculation has made rents and mortgages too high for you to afford on your MacJob wages. Until about 1950 all young folks lived at home. They even had a name for it. It was called a family.
9. For those of you who did not have an emotionally healthy upbringing and are suffering from the results of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse and neglect, don't let it destroy you. It can be overcome – otherwise you wouldn't have so many of us oldsters around. And don't let anyone – especially billionaire blowhards belittle your suffering.
10. Don't individualize your problems. They are social in nature and not your fault.
11. In unity there is strength. Work together to make a better world for you and all living creatures.


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