Thursday, October 16, 2008

An Interesting Response to the Economic Crisis

A Catalan militant, Enric Duran, has defrauded 39 Spanish banks of 500,000 Euros, using some of same techniques as the Wall Street scammers. He used the money to fund social movements and produce 200,000 copies of a free newspaper called CRISIS, describing the fraud as well as the nature of the money system and alternatives to capitalism. For the English on-line version see:
Thanks to Peter Gelderloos for this information. See


Blogger Frank Partisan said...

That was incredible.

Most lefties are not that flexible, to actual enter the world of finance.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Nick Manley said...

An unusual story! Thanks for the posting of it, Larry.

By the way, Mike Whitney of is good to read on the world of finance.

He brings up the one thing that won't happen at the end: "Abolish the Fed."

Ain't going to happen, but it's still a nice thought.


6:15 PM  
Blogger Frank Partisan said...

You're getting more adventurous all the time (LOL).

7:56 PM  

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