Saturday, August 25, 2007

To All Survivors of "Indian Residential Schools"

Public Announcement
To all survivors of "Indian Residential Schools" and "Indian Hospitals", and their families and descendents:
An Invitation to make History
The time has come for the full truth of the crimes of the residential schools to be shared before the world, so that those responsible can be brought to justice, and the spirits of the departed can be laid to a final rest.
Commencing on September 5, 2007, a travelling human rights Tribunal will visit many indigenous nations across Canada to hold public and private sessions where you can share your story and other evidence regarding what actually went on in the residential schools and hospitals - and how these crimes against our people are continuing today.
Convened under the land law jurisdictions of the Anishinabe, Cree and Metis Nations, this Tribunal has a simple mandate: to gather the proof that genocide of indigenous people occured and is occuring across Canada.
One of the primary aims of the Tribunal is to identify the fate and buried location of the more than 50,000 children who died in residential schools and hospitals, and arrange the repatriation of their remains to their traditional territories for a proper burial.
The Tribunal will open in Port Alberni, British Columbia, on September 5, 2007, and will travel eastward over the following three months. It will include international human rights observers from indigenous nations around the world, local tribal elders, and members of the media.
Before the end of this year, we plan to present our findings to the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York City.
We, the founding elders of the International Human Rights Tribunal into Genocide in Canada (IHRTGC), personally invite you to to welcome us onto your territory and to fully participate in our work and sessions. We need to hear your stories and gather the evidence that will make justice a reality.
We ask you to circulate this notice to your friends and families, and to encourage your own elders to welcome us and participate in our work. Please contact us at the numbers below if you can help us.
We look forward to working with you to end the suffering and bring a true and lasting healing to all our peoples. The truth shall set us all free.
With warmest regards and in the spirit of our Creator,
Louis Daniels - Whispers Wind, Elder, Anishinabe Nation
Jeremiah Jourdain, Elder, Metis-Cree Nation
The International Human Rights Tribunal into Genocide in Canada (IHRTGC)
c/o 260 Kennedy St.
Nanaimo, B.C. Canada V9R 2H8
ph: 250-753-3345
(after September 4, leave a message at 1-888-265-1007 or email us at these addresses:
Issued under the authority of our Hereditary Land Law Jurisdiction from unceded Coast Salish Territory, Turtle Island, 23 August, 2007

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Blogger Renegade Eye said...

The link in the post was to a dead end.

This is a better link:

I met Graeme in person last week. It was quite nice.

10:15 PM  
Blogger mollymew said...

Hi Larry,
The link to the hidden from history post is not a dead link. Rather clicking on it gives an "error on page" message. I wrote this item up on my 'Best of the Blogs' feature today with the Porkupine Blog as one of the items. The link connects if you simply add an http in front of it ie .
The correct link connects fine from Molly's Blog.

4:37 PM  
Blogger Renegade Eye said...

OT: I found the title of a source that supports anarchism, that sided with the Bolsheviks on Kronstadt.

Paul Avrich’s Kronstadt 1921 (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1970)

New information came up after Yeltsin opened the Russian archieve. He also rehabilitated the Kronstadt fighters. If Yeltsin is on your side, maybe it's time for another look.

5:43 PM  
Blogger Larry Gambone said...

I already knew about anarchists who supported Lenin and Trotsky visa vis Krondstadt. If memory serves me well Victor Serge was one of these. One should not be surprised by this since all ideologies contain a range of positions. There were, for example, anarchists who were pro-WW1 - ie, Kropotkin and Grave and there were anarchists - a large number in fact who were pro-Bolshevik. Indeed, many of the early Communist Parties were formed by anarcho-communists and syndicalists. I would not worry abt. Yeltsin, since this is like the old attack on vegetarians "Hitler was a vegetarian." (Thereby implying that vegetarians were closet Nazis.) Anyway, arguing about Krondstadt is not a fruitful expenditure of time. You would not convince me, and I would probably not convince you. What IS important is not what Trotsky did in 1921, but what today's Trotskyists do NOW. If you are sincere in your belief that the Workers Councils should be both supreme and multi-tendency (revolutionary tendency - of course) this is enough for me.

1:06 PM  
Blogger Naj said...

Hi Larry,

Thanks for dropping by.

Writing about Iran is the LEAST of my interests, because I do not believe in nationalism per se. However, the amount of misrepresentation, disinformation and ignorance just didn't leave me a choice but to make time to show my side of Iran.

I just hope it helps someone change their blind assessments.

6:26 PM  

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